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Take to the skies with the thrilling, brick-busting excitement of Action Ball 2, the electrifying sequel to the hit arcade game! Soar above the clouds in your paddle-equipped ship and fight back the relentless robots in level after level of eye-popping fun. Experience breathtaking landscapes and a variety of interesting brick formations just waiting to get knocked down.

Action Ball 2 picks up where its predecessor left off with even more intense 3D breakout styled action. Maneuver your paddle along the bottom of the screen with your mouse and keep that ball from passing by. Destroy all of the bricks on each level before you run out of lives and advance to ever more complex level designs.

The long story:

Captain Livsey, veteran of the war against the Robot Empire, barely had time to rest before new troubles came. The robots, in a bid to hit the Captain where it would hurt, kidnapped his favorite mechanical cat and escaped to Mars. Now the captain must make his way to the Red Planet to suppress his most aggressive enemy and save his beloved pet!

Full game features:

  • Over 150 levels in two themes.
  • 3 kinds of levels: classic brick-busting gameplay, scroll shooter and boss fights.
  • Over 30 types of bonuses.
  • 5 different bosses.
  • 4 ways to upgrade your paddle.
  • 4 skins of your paddle.

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Tags3D, Arcade, Breakout, Casual, Cats, DRM Free, Flight, Low-poly, Retro, Space
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Demo Version. 1/27/2020 10 MB

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Download, unzip and enjoy! 馃榿

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