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The Unexpected Quest

A journey of hammer, magic, and might. · By rionix


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Trailer for Chapter 3!
Dear Adventurers, Chapter 3 introduces you to more items, helping you boost production of food and wood to start sustaining more people! You'll also see the For...
Steam Page is Ready!
Welcome adventurers, to The Unexpected Quest Steam page! Today we're happy to announce that the demo of the game is now live on Steam! If you just search for th...
Steam Trailer
Hey Adventurers! We're happy to showcase a brand new trailer that we've just posted on the game page, made with a newer build of the game (but not the final one...
Few screenshots from third chapter.
Hey Adventurers! Here are new screenshots of the environment in the third chapter! We look forward to showing you more of the game soon! So long!...
Chapter 3 is here!
Good news, everyone! We made two new chapters : the third and fifth. And you can play the third chapter right now! But we will keep the fifth chapter a secret u...
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Chapter 4 is here!
Good news, everyone! We have prepared the fourth chapter for you. In which you enjoy the mountain air and discover the secrets of an ancient castle. We hope you...
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Chapter 4. Soon!
Chapter 4. In which we enjoy the mountain air and discover the secrets of an ancient castle. Soon! 😀...
Small bugfix for Clerics
Hi all! We are apologies for the bug with Clerics. They thought they were fired right after they were hired. In this version of the game this bug is fixed. All...
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