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The Unexpected Quest

A journey of hammer, magic, and might. · By rionix


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Prologue is available now!
Hello, Adventurers! Are you ready to embark on a quest? Discover The Unexpected Quest Prologue, live and free to play now! In this prologue, play through chapte...
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See you soon in Chapter 5!
Hello, Adventures! 🛠️ We made this little video for you all! We can't wait to see you soon in the full release, but for now, check out the free demo on Ste...
Showcasing the canons!
Hi adventurers! Today we're showcasing a snapshot of a new gameplay feature that appears in chapter 5 and beyond! This footage was recorded especially by the...
Early Sneak Peek at Chapter 7!
Hello Adventurers! Here we have fresh from the developers themselves, a very first glance at one of the new areas in Chapter 7, that's currently being designed!...
Chapter 7 is ready! Release is soon!
Good news, everyone! We have prepared the seventh chapter for you. In which we attempt to restore what was broken millennia ago. We hope you enjoy it! And don...
Trailer for Chapter 3!
Dear Adventurers, Chapter 3 introduces you to more items, helping you boost production of food and wood to start sustaining more people! You'll also see the For...
Steam Page is Ready!
Welcome adventurers, to The Unexpected Quest Steam page! Today we're happy to announce that the demo of the game is now live on Steam! If you just search for th...
Steam Trailer
Hey Adventurers! We're happy to showcase a brand new trailer that we've just posted on the game page, made with a newer build of the game (but not the final one...